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Join BUBLUE's Network of Success

As a pioneering force in the high-end intelligent robotics sector, BUBLUE offers more than just a partnership – it's a gateway to innovation and success. With a global presence and a track record of excellence, BUBLUE provides extensive support to our partners, ensuring mutual growth and unparalleled business success. From cutting-edge technology solutions to dedicated customer service, partnering with BUBLUE means accessing a world of opportunities to elevate your brand and drive industry-leading advancements.

Maximize Your Profits with BUBLUE

Research & Development Excellence

Our robust Research & Development team comprises 50 industry experts, including 10 members with over a

decade of invaluable experience. Our commitment to innovation is reflected in our anticipated annual R&D investment exceeding 5 million USD.

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Facilities

Leveraging our expansive 65-acre facilities, we operate 20 cutting-edge production lines capable of delivering up to 3 million units annually, ensuring streamlined and efficient manufacturing processes.

Exceptional Sales Team Performance

With an exceptional sales team, we navigate and excel

in even the most fiercely competitive business landscapes, capitalizing on market opportunities and driving sustainable growth.

Comprehensive Service Excellence

We prioritize customer satisfaction by delivering exceptional pre-sale, in-sale, and after-sale services. Our commitment to providing a seamless customer experience ensures that every interaction with our brand is met with unparalleled support and professionalism.


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2024 The Pool and Spa Show


2024 Pool Spa Patio Expo

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2024 Piscine Global Europe




BUBLUE Certifications

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