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BUBLUE Bubot 300P

Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner


Human-Centric Fusion of Art and Technology for Future Inspiration

BUBLUE emerges as a pioneer and frontrunner in high-end intelligent robotics, embodying the essence of a tech-savvy enthusiast who seamlessly integrates innovative technology and artistic aesthetics.



Elevating Consumer Lifestyle with Innovative Precision and Artistic Excellence through High-End Technology Hardware and Software

BUBLUE strives to build a tech community starting with intelligent pool cleaning robots, sharing joy and growing together with users.


Cutting-Edge Tech Luxuries

BUBLUE designs, develops, manufactures, and sells high-end intelligent pool cleaning robots, driving innovation in next-generation technologies such as artificial intelligence, digital technology, underwater ultrasonic detection, and batteries.


Dreams and Curiosity

Embrace the future with dreams and curiosity


Blend of diversity and varied perspectives, pursuing excellence in creation

Integrity and Sincerity

Upholding ethical and responsible conduct, fostering trust in the BUBLUE brand


Protecting the Earth through the use of clean energy to fulfill our responsibility for sustainable development

Pursuit of Excellence

Dedicated to crafting the most exceptional products in the industry

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